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Chester Johnson, Professor Emeritus, passed away Dec. 8

Chester Johnson, who founded the Gustavus Geology Department in 1940, died December 8 at age 96.  He retired from teaching in 1978, but continued working for the college until 2001.  Here is a brief excerpt from a letter written by Joe Carlson, also Prof. Emeritus in Geology: “…Chet was my biggest hero.  He was perhaps […]

Mark Johnson revisits GAC for an icy talk

Prof. Mark Johnson, who taught at GAC for many years before moving to Sweden in 2005, was back for a quick visit last Monday.  He spoke about his recent research on Icelandic glaciers, and showed some amazing photos of recently exposed glacial terrain.

Geomorphology class gets wet

This fall, Prof. Laura Triplett took the Geomorph class up to our annual stream-gauging site on the Rush River.  As usual, water levels were very low, so it was a challenge to visualize what the river looks like at bankfull or flood stage.  In this photo three Environmental Studies majors – Ali O’Neal, Brittany Stewart […]

FTS visits ancient lava flows

This fall, Prof. Jim Welsh and his FTS: Hawaii class visited Interstate State Park along the St. Croix River, Minnesota, to see rocks virtually identical to those being created on Hawaii today.  The basalt lava flows in Minnesota occurred 1.1 billion years ago when this continent temporarily began to split apart and lava surged up […]