Chester Johnson, Professor Emeritus, passed away Dec. 8 Posted on December 17th, 2009 by

Chester Johnson, who founded the Gustavus Geology Department in 1940, died December 8 at age 96.  He retired from teaching in 1978, but continued working for the college until 2001.  Here is a brief excerpt from a letter written by Joe Carlson, also Prof. Emeritus in Geology:

“…Chet was my biggest hero.  He was perhaps the smartest, wisest and funniest guy I have known.  He was my geology teacher (and I found myself better prepared for grad school than students from larger more prestigious places), my mentor when I joined him as a struggling naive beginning instructor, and a lifelong inspiration.  Within that seemingly “sour” look you found a gracious, generous and supportive soul with a captivating self deprecating sense of humor.”

A memorial service will be held at 10a.m. Saturday, December 19, at Trinity Lutheran in St. Peter.  Here is a link to the obituary posted on the College website:


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