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Spring Break 2012: The Desert Southwest

Professor Laura Triplett and 16 Gustavus students just returned from a week exploring geologic wonderlands in Utah and New Mexico.  Every year, one of our Geology profs takes the students in GEO 212:Evolution of the Earth on a spring break fieldtrip, and all other geology majors are welcome to come along.  We camp, hike, drive, […]

Missives from the Field (2012 Spring Break Trip)

Today, the field trip crew finished in Canyonlands (look at that scenery!) and headed out to New Mexico for the final days of field work.

Spring Break 2012 Trip to Utah

Seventeen students joined Laura Triplett for this year’s Spring Break geology field trip. Vans departed Saturday (3/31) and students awoke to snow today (Monday) near Moab (see photo). Reports from the field indicate that morale is high, despite the chilly morning.