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Determining the Source of Idaho’s Mystery Boudins

Geology and environmental studies major Emily Carlson (’20) has been working with faculty member Rory McFadden (Geology) to sleuth the origins of a needle in a geologic haystack. McFadden, who conducts research in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho, returned from a field season with a curious sample – it contains layers just a few millimeters […]

Getting to the Roots of Groundwater

Each year, rainfall events become more and more unpredictable due to climate change. This presents many challenges and raises many questions for society. One specific question is “How much water from rain events permeates the ground, eventually becoming groundwater?” Brittney Johnson (Geology ’20) spent last summer answering this question. She used precipitation data and groundwater […]

A Minecraft View of the Minnesota River

Public schools in the United States usually only make students aware of geology and don’t teach students the real-world impacts of understanding geology. Developing an understanding of geology is made more difficult by the large amounts of time involved in geologic processes. To address these gaps in understanding, Sawyer Johnson (Geology ’20) is creating a […]

Welcome back! GeoFIKA

Geology is in full swing this fall, and holding classes in 5 buildings! To get us together all in one place, we’re holding GeoFIKA on Wednesdays at 10:00 in Anderson 105. Come visit with us – have some snacks, tea, coffee and see a cool geo-video each week. Bring a friend, too!

Missives from the Field (2012 Spring Break Trip)

Today, the field trip crew finished in Canyonlands (look at that scenery!) and headed out to New Mexico for the final days of field work.

Spring Break 2012 Trip to Utah

Seventeen students joined Laura Triplett for this year’s Spring Break geology field trip. Vans departed Saturday (3/31) and students awoke to snow today (Monday) near Moab (see photo). Reports from the field indicate that morale is high, despite the chilly morning.

SoGG goes to the Science Museum

The Society of Gustavus Geologists (SoGG) sponsored a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota. 6 geologists were joined by 10 North Star Scholars and Fellows (Gustavus science students sponsored by a National Science Foundation grant) to spend an evening playing with weather, examining fossils, and viewing the IMAX film Sea Monsters, starring “Dolly”, a […]

Geology Department and SoGG to Celebrate Earth Science Week

October 11-15 is national Earth Science Week and the geologists are celebrating with two events. On Wednesday, October 13, from noon-5:00 p.m., we’ll celebrate National Fossil Day. Students, faculty, staff, families, and community members are invited to visit Nobel Hall (first floor and south lawn) for activities, museum tours, and free fossils. Participants are invited […]

Evolution of the Earth class braves weather to see Minnesota geology

The Evolution of the Earth class (clockwise from upper left: Patrick Clark, Todd Kremmin, Joe Curran-Jung, Bee Vang, Taylor Eide, alanna Velo, Erin Anderson, and Sam Hines) cheerfully ignored drizzle, wind, and wet outcrop to travel from west to east across the southern part of the state. This transect revealed igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks […]