Dinosaur class visits the Windy City Posted on April 8th, 2014 by

(contributed by Gabe Grosshuesch, ’17)

Being able to go on a class trip where you see something most normal people don’t get to is worth any amount of money and time.  The trip to Chicago was so much fun.  Getting to drive there and listening to tunes the whole way was so cool.  I formed bonds with the people from my van that I will probably have for a long time.  We named our blue van “Ohana” which means family, and family means no one gets left behind.  These friendships have meant a great deal to me.

Road Trip

<<Gabe on left, Lindsey Reiners (Geology ’17) driving, with a happy van of dinosaur fans on their way to the Field Museum>>

But enough about the journey, let’s talk about destination.  The Field Museum was one of coolest places I have ever been; we got to see these reconstructions of animals and for once know what they mean and why they look like that.  We got a tour of the upper floors of the building and we even got a private tour of the Museum Vaults, thanks to Hilary.  To see hundreds of untouched dinosaur bones is just this overwhelming feeling that makes you feel so excited inside.

Holding Fossil_Field museum_2014

<<Vanna Vang, Kelly Davis and Gabe holding a real dinosaur bone>>

As a dinosaur nerd, it was like I was heaven to see these ancient bones that were still in their cases.  This trip is what has encouraged me follow a my hearts desire and take more classes in Geology.  I want to say a big thanks to Hilary Christensen for leading an amazing trip and giving me a life changing event, as well as a thank you to the Geology Department for their support in our trip and the J-term class.


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