Welcome to Dr. Rory McFadden Posted on June 14th, 2018 by

The Gustavus Geology Department welcomes Rory McFadden as our new tenure-track professor!  Rory will teach the solid earth parts of geology, including the courses Earth Materials (previously known as Mineralogy), Petrology, Structural Geology, in addition to our intro courses and research seminars.

Rory taught at Gustavus this past year as a one-year visiting professor, including stepping in to lead the spring break trip to Utah.  Before that, Rory worked as a content and evaluation specialist at the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College, and taught for several years at Salem State University.  His research spans petrology, structural geology, tectonics and geochronology, to answer questions about how the deep earth works.  His research also spans the world!  He has worked in Antarctica, Panama and the western US.  This summer he’s doing fieldwork in Australia and Idaho (watch for a post from student Alex Senjem later this summer!), and is ready to roll for the fall semester.



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