The Nobel Hall Move Begins: Geology Gets Packed Posted on February 4th, 2019 by

If you’ve been on campus lately, you’ve seen the mighty new wing of Nobel Hall rising up!  That expansion will open in June, then all of the current Nobel will be emptied and renovated.  Biology and Chemistry will cozy up in the new wing for 2019-20, while the rest of us scatter to temporary locations elsewhere on campus.  We’ll all return to our new home in 2020.

So we’ve begun packing, and in Geology that means …  bubble wrap!  Lots and lots of bubble wrap, because we have lots of rocks.  A phenomenal number of rocks.  An unbelievably tremendous collection of rocks.   Really, words don’t describe it, so here are some pics and a short video tour.  [Note that the Geology Museum is closed for the duration, and we’re using it as a staging and sorting area.  Come see our fabulous new museum in 2020!]

Video tour here on YouTube

Julie and Rory survey the piles they must sort through.  We have plenty of space in the new building, but don’t want to bring specimens that are very damaged, not identifiable, or duplicative.

Note the construction zone outside the window.  It has occasionally been noisy in our part of Nobel this past year!

It’s fun to rediscover beautiful specimens that we haven’t seen in a while.  

Anyone recognize these crystals?

Laura is the first to move out of Nobel!  Actually, it’s all good: she’s establishing a satellite geology department this semester in Mattson Hall, where she’ll soon be joined by Dr. Dave Montgomery (UW-Washington, this year’s Nobel Conference lead-off speaker and Rydell Professor) and Dr. Mark Johnson (for real, Mark’s coming back for April!). 



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