Todd Kremmin ’12 conquers field camp Posted on July 5th, 2011 by

Todd Kremmin ’12 has returned from the University of Minnesota’s field camp in Montana!  Pictured above on Block Mountain, the highest point at their second field site, Todd enjoyed exploring geology without a bunch of biology (aka trees) in the way.  He reports that they spent their time at two field sites, trekking back and forth to map the rock units, contacts, and orientations (strike-and-dips).  They used this information to create geologic maps, cross-sections and interpretations of the region’s geologic history.


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  1. Prof. Feinberg says:

    Dearest Todd,

    Even though you were a joy to have at field camp, technically, you haven’t “conquered” the course until I submit a passing grade…

    Stunning picture though!

    Take care,