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Alumni spotlights: Todd Kremmin (’12) and Jeff Allen (’13)

TODD KREMMIN went to work for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in Houston, Texas, immediately following graduation.  He became a Senior Geosteering Technologist, searching for oil in the famously productive sedimentary rocks of south and west Texas.  Todd’s job was to “steer” the drill bit into the right stratigraphic layer deep underground, and keep it there as it […]

Student Spotlights: Russell Krueger (’17) and Caitlin Clause (’18)

RUSS KRUEGER declared as a Geology major in 2015, and he continues to take upper-level courses in physics, chemistry and mathematics because he loves the challenge.  In 2015, Russ won the prestigious Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  He attended an orientation this summer, and will receive tuition stipends for two […]

Semester in Sweden: Geology on the Rocks

This semester, a troop of Gusties is trekking around Sweden under the leadership of Jeff and Maria Jeremiason.  On the trip are two Geo majors (and I hear rumors of a newly-recruited third??); below is a missive from Ruby Schaufler (Geology, ’17) and Lindsey Reiners (Geology, ’17). But first, here are Ruby and Lindsey with […]

Gusties at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco

In December, Gusties presented posters about climate change, silica and stromatolites at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco.  Nearly 24,000 geoscientists attended this 5-day conference, making it the largest of its kind in the world! Rachel Mohr (’16 Geology) and Russ Krueger (’17 Geology) presented a poster titled “The […]

Julie Bartley’s stromatolite work makes the cover of journal Geobiology

Julie Bartley with coauthors Linda Kah, Tracy Frank, and Tim Lyons published a paper in the journal Geobiology. The article is titled "Deep-water microbialites of the Mesoproterozoic Dismal Lakes Group: microbial growth, lithification, and implications for coniform stromatolites," also made the cover of the January issue of the journal. This research, based on fieldwork in […]

Bison Bone Hunters

by Zach Van Orsdel, ’15 During the weekend of September 13th and 14th Senior Geology major Dominic Delmont in conjunction with Professor Julie Bartley led a team in search of bison bones in the Des Moines River near Jackson Minnesota.   The goal was to find as many bison bones as they could, and find bison […]

Geology is wonderful: A post from Sweden

Elizabeth Froden (’16, Geology) is spending the semester in Sweden, studying at Uppsala University.   She sends this note:   “Hello! I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I hope your semester is going well so far and that there’s lots of new geologists in the class of 2018! Although it’s strange not to […]

$25,000 InTeGrate grant aims to facilitate teaching of climate-related topics across campus

This spring, a group of faculty was awarded a $25,000 SERC/InTeGrate grant to develop teaching modules about climate change.  Julie Bartley led the proposal, which also includes Laura Triplett, Jim Dontje (Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation and Environmental Studies), Cindy Johnson (Biology and ES), Michele Koomen (Education), and Jeff LaFrenierre (Geography and ES).  Beginning in […]

Dinosaur class visits the Windy City

(contributed by Gabe Grosshuesch, ’17) Being able to go on a class trip where you see something most normal people don’t get to is worth any amount of money and time.  The trip to Chicago was so much fun.  Getting to drive there and listening to tunes the whole way was so cool.  I formed […]

It’s National Groundwater Week! Hug a glass of water

It’s National Groundwater Week!  Many of us drink groundwater every day, and even if you don’t, some of your food was likely grown with the help of irrigation from groundwater. However, most people don’t realize that groundwater supplies need to be used wisely.  Check out these websites for fun facts you can share as you […]