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Welcome to Dr. Rory McFadden

The Gustavus Geology Department welcomes Rory McFadden as our new tenure-track professor!  Rory will teach the solid earth parts of geology, including the courses Earth Materials (previously known as Mineralogy), Petrology, Structural Geology, in addition to our intro courses and research seminars. Rory taught at Gustavus this past year as a one-year visiting professor, including […]

Charlotte Cowdery, Summer Internship Abroad 2017, Santa Susana Project: Portugal

Archaeology: some people think it’s an exciting glamorous discovering-Pompeii kind of life, while others think all we do is dig around in the dirt. As I learned on my dig this summer, the reality is somewhere in between. All I knew about the site upon arrival was that it was a Roman Villa, first built […]

Sarah Bruihler: Summer in the Bahamas, like summer in the Precambrian

Hi there! I’m Sarah Bruihler and I’m a senior in the Geology Department. Last summer I worked with Julie Bartley on stromatolite research; for my senior thesis I will be doing a comparison of modern and ancient stromatolites, identifying similarities and differences between them. In June, Julie and I traveled for a week to the […]

Kenzie Perry: Studying (and experiencing) the water chemistry in Hot Springs, South Dakota

My name is Kenzie Perry, and this summer I traveled to western South Dakota, to Hot Springs in the southern half of the Black Hills, to complete my thesis field work. My thesis hopes to answer the question of the connection of the thermal springs, and the various creeks that run through this area using […]

Abby Michels: Looking for faults (the geologic kind!) in Santa Rosalia, Mexico

In January 2017 I began researching near Santa Rosalia, Mexico on the Boleo Mineral Mine through a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) with other geology students and professors from both the U.S. and Mexico. Over the course of three weeks, my partner, mentor and I explored around the mine site and mapped the locations of […]

Welcome Dr. Rory McFadden

We welcome Rory McFadden this fall, who joins the Gustavus faculty as a one-year visiting professor to teach the solid earth courses.  Rory has studied structural and tectonic geology all over the world, from Antarctica and Panama to California and New England.  Stop in to say hello, and if you need to identify a mystery […]

Jim Welsh retires into the geological sunset

Jim Welsh retired in May 2017, ending a 37-year era at Gustavus.  Here is a small excerpt from the speech Laura Triplett gave at his retirement dinner: “Indeed, the entire Welshian is defined by Jim’s passionate commitment to the student experience and camaraderie, a fierce belief in the value of the earth sciences, and a […]

When Art and Science Meet: A Geology Museum Update

Last summer, local artist Kay Helms spent a day with Laura and her summer research students in the field.  Some of the photographs she took became part of a traveling Smithsonian exhibit at the Nicollet County Historical Society focused on water.  Now, the photos hang in the Chester A. Johnson Geology Museum on the first […]

Welcome Dr. Andrew Haveles!

This year, Julie is serving as an Associate Provost and Dean of Sciences and Education.  Thankfully, Dr. Andrew Haveles has joined our team for the year!  He’ll be teaching Sedimentary Systems (commonly known as Sed/Strat) and Evolution of the Earth, in addition to some Our Planet labs. Andrew has done fascinating research on small mammal […]

My Life as a Martian Rover: Part II

Ruby Schauffler (Geology ’17) recently spent a few days with scientists from NASA, the Planetary Science Institute and several universities testing equipment that will be installed on the next Martian rover.  Here is the second installment of her field report. Field Day 2 (4/20/16) Today I started at waypoint 4 and was to look at […]